Riverbank Stabilization Projects on the Rum River

Excessive erosion along riverbanks threatens property and associated structures, contributes sediment and nutrients to the receiving water body, and eliminates wildlife habitat. Cedar tree revetments are a cost-effective bioengineering practice that can be used to stabilize actively eroding riverbanks. Revetments are installed by placing cedar trees and live willow and dogwood plants that are staked into the banks to slow or stop the erosion. Funding for these projects was provided from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, a CCM crew labor grant funded by the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment, and landowner contributions.  See details of each project below.

City of Isanti Riverbank Stabilization

Peichel Riverbank Stabilization

Schurbon Riverbank Stabilization

Long Lake Rehabilitation and Stormwater Treatment Part II  – Projects in six areas along the shoreline of Long Lake were completed during the summer of 2017 that covered a total of 418 lineal feet of shoreline. These projects will improve water quality by treating over 35,000 gallons of stormwater runoff per year, keep 3,187 pounds of sediment from going into the water, and reduce the influx of phosphorus by 2.44 pounds. Funding was provided by the Long Lake Improvement District, MN Clean Water Fund, landowner financing, and the sweat-equity from several volunteers.  The total value of all six projects was $40,083.

Green Lake Lakeshore Restoration - Green Lake was listed as a State impaired water body in 2013. In 2015 the SWCD, in partnership with the Green Lake Improvement District, applied for and received a Clean Water Fund Grant to install Best Management Practices (BMPs) to help stabilize eroding shorelines and infiltrate phosphorus-rich rain runoff before entering Green Lake. The projects completed with this grant in 2017 were identified as priorities in a Stormwater Retrofit Assessment (SRA) covering the direct watershed to the lake. A sustained effort will be required in order to continue improving the health of the lake.  The SWCD is committed to pursuing additional resources of project funding and interested landowners for future projects.

Long Lake Rehabilitation and Stormwater Treatment The SWCD used grant funds to provide a sub-grant to the Long Lake Improvement Association for the installation of seven lakeshore restorations/stormwater treatment practices to improve the health of Long Lake. The Long Lake Improvement District contributed to the project by providing cash match and managing project installations. Project participants and volunteers contributed an in-kind time match. Each project completed includes and erosion correction components that use bioengineering techniques and native vegetation.

Rum River Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS)- The Rum River WRAPS is a management plan for the Rum River, and all of the lakes and streams in its watershed.  The focus is on water quality and overall ecological health.  It includes strategies for fixing impaired waters that do not meet state water quality standards, as well as protecting good quality waterbodies.  The plan is being developed through 2016. 

Input is invited, and most useful if received before June 15, 2016.  We are looking for management strategies for specific waterbodies.  As the planning process proceeds, draft management strategies will be posted to this website.  Check out this video for more information!

Isanti County Wildlife Management Area Buckthorn Clean Sweep - The Isanti SWCD plans to remove light infestations of invasive buckthorn where it is becoming established, but is not yet dense on 66 acres of state owned WMAs. This project is a partnership with the MN DNR and Washington Conservation District. It is funded by the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment's Outdoor Heritage Fund, Isanti County Chapter of the MN Deer Hunters Association and Isanti County Sportsman's Club.  Work started in fall 2015.

Isanti County Wildlife Management Area Prescribed Burning - The Isanti SWCD, inlogo-legacy cooperation with the MN DNR, plans to conduct prescribed burning on 498.5 acres of state owned WMAs.  Burning was completed in spring 2014 and 2015.  This project is funded by the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment's Outdoor Heritage Fund, National Wild Turkey Federation and the Isanti County Chapter of Pheasants Forever.  More details.

Isanti County Geologic Atlas - A County Geologic Atlas is a systematic, detailed study of a county's geologic and ground-water resources. It includes study of both near-surface deposits and bedrock. Ground-water studies including direction and rate of flow, aquifer capacity, ground-water chemistry, and sensitivity to pollution. The atlas is created using drilling logs from thousands of wells around the county. The information is organized, analyzed, and displayed using GIS technology. The target audience is government agencies, particularly local government.

A geologic atlas is underway for Isanti County starting in January 2014 through the cooperative efforts of the Isanti SWCD, Isanti County, City of Cambridge, MN Geological Survey and MN DNR.  Completion is expected in 2019.

Green Lake Stormwater Retrofit Analysis - Isanti SWCD examined the area directlylogo-legacy draining to Green Lake to locate projects to better treat stormwater runoff.  A report was completed in August 2014. This work was funded by the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment's Clean Water Fund. Click for report executive summary.

Fannie-Skogman-Florence-Pauls Chain of Lakes Stormwater Retrofit Analysis - logo-legacyIsanti SWCD subwatershed draining to the chain of lakes was examined and modeled to locate projects to better treat stormwater runoff before it reaches the lakes. A report was completed in November 2014.  46 projects were identified and ranked by cost effectiveness at reducing phosphorus. This work was completed by the Anoka Conservation District for the Isanti SWCD and was funded by the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment's Clean Water Fund. Click for report executive summary.

City of Isanti Stormwater Retrofit
Isanti SWCD has been awarded a $120,611 Clean Water Partnership grant for logo-legacystormwater retrofits that benefit the Rum River.  A new storm water pond treating a large part of southeastern Isanti will be installed, treating stormwater that is presently discharged to the Rum River with almost no treatment.  Design work is occurring in winter 2014-15.  Construction is expected in 2015.  This work is funded by Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment funding through the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources, and the City of Isanti. - UPDATE! This project is complete! Check out the project profile here!

Sunrise River Watershed Restoration and Protection Project