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Tamarack- Seedlings

Bundle of 25; 5-12"
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Naturally, tamarack grows in or around wetlands and bogs.  It is also known by the name “larch.”  It can grow in drier locations, but this is not their favored habitat.  It is unique as deciduous conifer – a tree that has needles but loses them each fall.  Needles turn a rich golden color in fall.  In summer the leaves are flat needles, about 1 inch in length, light blue-green. Historically, tamarack lumber was sought for being rot resistant and tough – you may see it in historic log cabins.  Today it is used little for lumber because it grows in hard-to-harvest locations and other options like green-treated lumber exist.  It reaches 40-70 feet tall. It is shade intolerant, requiring FULL SUN.