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Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP)MAWQCP logo

Wednesday December 12, 2018

9:00am – 11:00am

at Anoka-Ramsey Community College – Room E237

300 Spirit Dr. S, Cambridge MN 55008

On December 12th, the Isanti Soil and Water Conservation District will be hosting an informational meeting for local farmers and agricultural landowners to learn about the voluntary program designed to protect Minnesota’s water by implementing and maintaining farm management practices. Coffee and refreshments to be served.

Participants in the program will receive:

  • Regulatory Certainty: Certified farms will be deemed in compliance should any new State water quality rules or laws be enacted during the 10-year period of certification.
  • Financial and technical assistance: Priority access to dollars and expertise for any farm practices that would improve water quality.
  • Recognition: Stewardship-minded farms will receive recognition from the community for their efforts and a sign that can be displayed on their property.

There is no obligation to sign up in order to attend; it is just an opportunity to learn how you can get involved in protecting water quality in Minnesota and become agricultural water quality certified.

For any questions and to RSVP contact Thomas Zimmermann, Conservation Technician at 763-689-3271 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are unable to attend but are still interested in the program, please contact me.


Seed Drill Rental 

This Truax FLII-812 drill can be used for no-till planting, Conservation Reserve Program establishment, pasture/hay interseeding, buffer strips and pollinator habitat seeding.

It is 12’ wide and plants 8’ wide rows with 12 disks at 8” spacing. A 50hp tractor or bigger is needed to pull the Truax which has a pin hitch. Two hydraulic hoses have pioneer ends with o-ring attachment.

To facilitate multiple types of seeds, the Truax is equippedwith two hoppers:

  • "Small seed box" for dense seed                                  No Till Drill Front
    such as clovers, millet, ryegrass,
    orchard grass, alfalfa, and
    crested wheat.
  • "Native grasses box" for lighter
    grasses such as brome,
    switchgrass, bluestem, and
    sideoats grama.

RENTAL FEE: $12.00/acre; $150.00 minimum within Isanti County,
$250.00 minimum outside of Isanti County.
DEPOSIT: A $150.00 security deposit is due at the time of rental.

Rental is limited to a 30 mile radius of the City of Isanti. For safety reasons,we ask that you don't exceed 20mph while towing.

If you have any questions or would like to rent the drill, contact Isanti SWCD Conservation Technician, Thomas Zimmermann at
763-689-3271 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Drill A   Drill B   Drill C

Pheasants Forever Cost Share Program
The Isanti County Chapter of Pheasants Forever offers cost sharing grants to landowners for habitat enhancement and maintenance. Isanti SWCD serves as the point of contact and administrator of these grants.  In 2016 Pheasants Forever dedicated $5,000 to be used in conjunction with existing funds such as the SWCD's cost share program and/or USDA's CRP program.  Pheasants Forever will cost share up to $50 per acre up to a maximum of 100 acres.

State Cost-Share Program
The District receives funds from the State Cost Share Program to encourage conservation practice installation. A variety of projects that prevent erosion or improve water quality are eligible.

Conservation Easements
Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) easements are administered through SWCDs.  Landowners are compensated for restoring certain marginal or environmentally sensitive lands.  Easements are generally permanent.  More information.

Well Sealing Loans
Unused wells must be professionally sealed by state because of the threat to groundwater.  Low interest loans are available. More information.

Septic System Loans
Failing or non-compliant septic systems pose an environmental and human health threat.  Low interest loans (3%) are available through the AgBMP loan program (see below).

AgBMP Loan Program
The MN Department of Agriculture offers low interest (3% or less) loans to landowners for projects that will improve water quality.  The Isanti SWCD serves as a local point of contact and helps landowners through the application process.  More information.

Grant-Funded Projects
From time to time grants are secured for specific natural resource projects.  These grants allow staff to dedicate time to identified issues and often provide financial incentives for landowners to install projects such as erosion control, habitat, and others.

USDA Programs
Our partners at the US Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service offer a number of financial incentive programs for projects and practices that benefit environmental quality.  The Isanti SWCD is co-located with NRCS.

District Tree Sale
The Isanti SWCD offers for sale tree and shrub species native to Minnesota for conservation practices. The scale of planting ranges from small backyard habitat projects to large forestry restoration projects.  Orders are taken November-April and tree pickup is May 4th and 5th.  More information

Stormwater and Shoreline Protection Project Coordination
In partnership with Isanti County, municipalities, other agencies and landowners we coordinate projects that benefit lake, stream and river water quality.  In 2015 the SWCD partnered with Green Lake, Blue Lake and Long Lake groups to gain funding and to help to install projects that will protect water quality.