Isanti Soil & Water Conservation District

General information about our tree sale:

Each year the Isanti SWCD does a tree sale. We offer bare root seedlings, container trees and six-foot bare root trees in limited quantities.  The purpose of our tree sale is to offer an economical way to plant wildlife habitat. Online ordering starts in January, with distribution scheduled for late April/early May every year. We gladly offer free consultations to help you choose trees or plan a habitat planting. 


Online Ordering is CLOSED. Thank you to all who supported us!  You are also welcome to print and mail your order with the payment. You can start your planning by viewing our printable tree sale order form.

Downloadable Tree Sale Form Example


In addition to online ordering, we will still send paper copies of the order form to all past customers in November and most residents of Isanti County in February/March.

You need not be an Isanti County resident to purchase, but you do need to be able to pick up your pre-ordered trees in-person at the Cambridge Fairgrounds on the distribution dates.


Online Ordering Instructions

  1. Click the link to the left to begin online ordering.
  2. Select the size of tree product. We offer three options: bare root seedlings sold in bundles of 25, container trees sold singly, and 6 ft bare root trees sold singly. Note that some species are offered in multiple sizes.
  3. Select the type of tree: evergreen, deciduous, shrub.
  4. Enter the quantity to purchase by selecting the "+" button next to "Add to Cart." 
  5. Similarly navigate to other trees you want to order and add them to your cart. 
  6. When you have completed your selections, select "Show Cart" (found on the left menu). 
  7. On the cart page, enter your billing information and select your method of payment - check or credit card.
  8. Review our Terms of Agreement and check the box indicating you have done so.
  9. Select confirm purchase.
  10. For credit card orders, you will be transferred to a secured site to enter credit card information.  This site will look different than the Isanti SWCD website. 
  11. For check orders, mail your check to Isanti SWCD at 110 Buchanan Street North Cambridge, MN 55008 with a brief note that includes your name and phone number.  If we do not receive your check within one week, we will cancel your online order.
  12. Pick up will be on Saturday, May 2nd from 8-noon at the Isanti County Fairgrounds - Just East of Fleet Farm in Cambridge.

Important: Trees must be picked up at the Tree Sale on the distribution days. WE DO NOT SHIP THE TREES.



Information to Help You Choose the Right Tree

Tree Order Form-to print out

Tree Descriptions
Apple Tree Info Sheet
Apple Tree Selection Info - U of M Extension
Tree Care Information
ND Tree Handbook
Tree Planting Handbook


Our Policies
Deadline for receiving orders is Friday, April 17, 2020 or when stock is depleted.
-  Tree pickup will be SATURDAY May 2nd 8am - noon
-  $5 will be charged for late pickups.  Late pickups require an appointment at a location to be determined.
-  Bundles of 25 seedlings will not be split.
-  We reserve the right to substitute sizes and stock.
-  Tree sizes are approximate.
Because of the perishable nature of trees and shrubs, the District is not responsible for their condition after the pickup dates.  Any complaints of trees not budding must be received by June 15.