Isanti Soil & Water Conservation District

The Isanti SWCD, in partnership with the Blue Lake Improvement District and Spencer Brook and Stanford Townships, has been selected to recieve over $250,000 to protect the health of Blue Lake!  The grant, along with matching funds provided by its partners, will pay for the installation of cost-effective projects that will reduce the amount of nutrients draining into the lake.  These nutrients are causing algae blooms and excessive plant growth.  The projects include: two rain gardens and a sump to treat runoff from right-of-ways in Spencer Brook Township, a gully and shoreline repair to treat runoff from a public access in Stanford Township, a sand filter to capture organic materials released from a channelized wetland on the southeast side of the lake, and multiple lakeshore buffers to treat overland flow on private properties.

Thanks to the State's Clean Water Fund, Minnesota was able to support 30 conservation projects across the state totalling $6.5 million.  To learn more about the Clean Water Fund and see what other projects are being done around the state to protect our lakes, rivers and drinking water vist: