Isanti Soil & Water Conservation District

2021 town board

Congratulations to the Wyanett Town Board for receiving the 2021 Isanti Soil and Water Conservation District’s Outstanding Conservationist Award! Each year the Isanti Soil and Water Conservation District (or SWCD), in partnership with our state association, the MN Association of SWCDs, recognizes an individual or organization for their outstanding accomplishments in implementing conservation practices and improving Minnesota’s natural resources. 

This year the Isanti SWCD board of supervisors voted unanimously to award the Wyanett Town Board as our Outstanding Conservationists.

The word “Wyanett” is Ojibway for beautiful, according to the Isanti County Historical Society. If you look at the scenery in the township, it is easy to see why it got its name. Wyanett township, located in western Isanti County, is home to Green and Spectacle Lakes, two of the county’s most valuable recreational lakes. In addition, Wyanett Township maintains the Spectacle Lake Beach.

The Town Board became a partner of the SWCD following the completion of Stormwater Retrofit Studies on Spectacle and Green Lakes. The Retrofit studies identify locations to treat stormwater before its discharge to the lakes cost-effectively. Upon learning that several of the top-ranked projects were located on township property, the Board has taken action to make several of the projects a reality. 

Here's what the Town Board has done to date, 

  • The Town Board provided $6,000 of funding to match the Spectacle Lake Public Swimming Beach Raingardens. This was an $18,400 project primarily funded by the Clean Water Land and Legacy Act.
  • In addition to the funding, the Wyanett Town board willingly gave up three parking spaces of an already limited parking area at the very popular beach and agreed to maintain the project. Maintenance is one of the most critical aspects of a project’s success.
  • Furthermore, the board members have met with the SWCD countless times to investigate opportunities to collaborate on other conservation projects around Spectacle and Green Lakes. We know these efforts will result in more projects on the ground in the future.

The SWCD board and staff are incredibly grateful for the board members' knowledge throughout the process. The Wyanett Town Board is a leader in their willingness to partner on projects that will improve the health of our resources. Their actions better the quality of life for residents in the township and beyond. The Isanti SWCD is proud to name the Wyanett Town Board as the 2021 outstanding conservationists!  

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