Isanti Soil & Water Conservation District


District Board of Supervisors

This election year Isanti SWCD will have 3 board positions opening up for election in the following Districts:

District 1 (Dalbo Township, Maple Ridge Township, Springvale Township, Stanchfield Township)
                    (position term ends 2020)
District 1-  contested race election guide information. 
District 3 (Spencer Brook Township, Stanford Township, Wyanett Township) (position term ends 2020)
District 4 (City of Cambridge, Cambridge Township) (position term ends 2020)
District 5 (North Branch & Isanti Township) (position term ends 2022)
Supervisors meet on the third Tuesday of every month to discuss the business and conservation priorities of the SWCD, including state grant allocations to landowners, coordination with other local units of government and state and federal agencies.  Supervisors are elected at-large in the county and serve four-year terms.  If you'd like to speak to your representative board member please call the SWCD offices at 763-689-3271.

Board Members 2019

Roger Larsen  District 1 - Maple Ridge, Stanchfield, Springvale, Dalbo Townships 
Term  expires 2020
Board Chair, Finance Committee, Alternate Personnel Committee

Jerry Schaubach  District 2 - Bradford, Athens, Oxford Townships
Term expires 2022
Board Vice-Chair, Operations Committee, Lower St Croix 1W1P Representative, Rum River 1W1P Alternate Representative

Clark Anderson  District 3 - Spencer Brook, Wyanett, Stanford Townships
Term expires 2020
Personnel Committee, Alternate Operations Committee

Al Koczur  District 4 - Cambridge Township
Term expires 2020
Board Treasurer, Finance CommitteeMCD Delegate Alternate, Isanti County Water Plan, Rum River 1W1P Representative

David Medvecky District 5 - North Branch, Isanti Townships
Term expires 2022
MCD Delegate, Lower St Croix 1W1P Alternate Representative