Isanti Soil & Water Conservation District

Cedar tree revetments are a cost-effective bioengineering practice that can be used to stabilize actively eroding riverbanks. The Isanti Soil and Water Conservation District partnered with Anoka Conservation District (ACD) staff and the Conservation Corp of Minnesota (CCM) to install four cedar tree revetment projects on the Rum River during the fall of 2018. Erosion at the each property was dominated by bank undercutting, was in the beginning stages of creating a more serious issue. Bare soil and tree roots were becoming clearly visible as a result of the erosion. Excessive erosion along riverbanks threatens property and associated structures, contributes sediment and nutrients to the receiving water body, and eliminates wildlife habitat. Installation of the cedar tree revetments and live willow and dogwood stakes will slow or stop the erosion and reduce the likelihood of a much larger and more expensive corrective projects in the future. Funding for these projects was provided from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, a CCM crew labor grant funded by the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment, and landowner contributions. Click on each to see the project worksheets for each site:

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