Isanti Soil & Water Conservation District


Water Quality Monitoring

Lake and stream monitoring provides the information necessary to manage the health of Isanti County’s lakes, rivers and streams for recreation, wildlife, and consumption.  Upon request, the SWCD contracts with lake groups and other organizations to provide water quality monitoring services, including monitoring plan development, water monitoring and summary reports. 

The SWCD currently works with the following groups to conduct water quality monitoring: Blue Lake Improvement District, Francis Lake Improvement Association, Francis Lake Improvement District, Green Lake Improvement District, Long Lake Improvement District, and Oxford Township.

     Water Quality Reports - Click on the year to read:

Stream flow reduced size

     Blue Lake and Tributaries:  2015    2016   2017

     Francis Lake and Tributaries:  2017     

     Green Lake and Tributaries: 2016  2017

     Long Lake and Tributaries: 2017

     Oxford Township Lake and Tributaries: 2017


     If you are interested in becoming a volunteer citizen
     water monitor please see the opportunities and requirements
     on the MN PCA website: click here.