Isanti Soil & Water Conservation District

Past Workshops

Here is a collection of previous workshops put on by us and our partners. 


Living Large on a Small Lake: Webinar: Exploring Natural Environment Lakes

In Partnership with the Lower St Croix Watershed, we hosted a webinar to learn more about natural environment lakes, a classification reserved for smaller, shallower lakes that have a more limited capacity to absorb the impacts of development and traditional recreational use. Watch and enjoy a presentation by Joe Bischoff, Senior Aquatic Ecologist at Barr Engineering, about what to expect living on a small lake. Hear from the Isanti SWCD to learn about the trends of small lakes in Oxford Township, local conservation efforts, and regulations for natural environment lakes. Click here to watch the webinar recording. 

nat enviro lakes pic

Lakeshore Restorations on Skogman Lake 

On April 15, 2023, the Isanti SWCD partnered with the Skogman Lake Improvement District to host a workshop about lakeshore restoration on Skogman Lake. Attendees learned the current data for Skogman Lake, how they can better install their shoreline, and how they can install a shoreline restoration. The workshop's slides are available here. 


Shoreline Restoration Workshop

The Isanti SWCD partnered with Shelley Larson with Hayland Woods on August 20, 2022 to host this workshop. Sixteen volunteers came together to install a simple shoreline restoration project and learn how they can install their own. Read a summary of the workshop here. 

County Ditch 16 and 23 Inspection Report Review

On June 15, 2022, this public ditch meeting was held at the Cambridge Library. The goal of the meeting was to present the findings of the ditch inspections, and gauge opinion on ditch maintenance and the potential abandonment of some sections. Both County Ditch 16 and 23 drain into Green Lake. The meeting was recorded. Click here to watch it.

county ditch info




Spectacle Lake Lakeshore Restorations: How and What

Todd Kulaf, with the Isanti SWCD, presented this workshop March 2, 2022. Watch to learn how you can play a role in protecting the health of Spectacle Lake.  The Spectacle Lake Association along with the ISWCD are working together to promote projects that protect and improve the health of Spectacle Lake.

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 Here is a link to the workshop:


The Benefits of Native Aquatic Plants:

The Isanti SWCD hosted the Benefits of Native Aquatic Plants Workshop on August 25, 2021. Ray Newman, a professor from the University of Minnesota presented over Zoom. The workshop covered plant's role in the nutrient cycle, the difference between native and non-native plants, nutrient management in lakes and plant management options. Thank you to all who attended! The link to the workshop is posted below. 


Here is a link to the workshop:


The Rain Garden and Native Shoreline Buffer workshops were presented online in May 2021. Both of these Workshops were recorded and links to view them on YouTube can be found below. These workshops were organized and hosted by our partners. Thank you to all who were able to attend!

To hear about upcoming workshops check our Facebook page or check under our outreach and education banner on the website.


Rain Garden Workshop:

rain garden vid image

Here is a link to the video for the Rain Garden workshop: 2021 Raingarden Workshop - YouTube

Raingarden Facebook event link for more information about the workshop



Native Shoreline Buffer Workshop:

shoreline video

Here is a link to the video for the Native Shoreline Buffer workshop: 2-25-21 Native Buffer Workshop - zoom recording - YouTube


 Planting for Clean Water: Wonderful Wetlands

The East Metro Water Resource Education Program hosted the Wonderful Wetlands Workshop on November 9th. Watch to learn how to add beauty to your yard with native plants and landscaping features that will protect your wetland and provide habitat for birds and pollinators.

wetlands workshop

Here is the video link for the Wonderful Wetlands Workshop: