Isanti Soil & Water Conservation District

Wake and Lake Health 

Reduce your wake for a healthy lake

A large wake has a negative impact on lake health. Some of the impacts are:

  • Shoreline erosion.
  • Impaired water quality from increased sediment in the water.
  • Loss of shoreline vegetation, which helps stabilize shorelines and provides valuable habitat for fish and wildlife.
  • Increase the likelihood of algae blooms in the lake.

Wakesurfing boats, also called wakeboard boats or wake boats, can be especially damaging to lake health due to their ability to generate much larger wakes. The University of Minnesota conducted a study on the wake produced by wake boats compared to other boat types. You can read the study highlights here and a news report on it here

Please be contentious of the relationship between wake and lake health and reduce your wake. 


Click here for a handout on wake, wake boats and lake health.


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